Naming Tip of the Day

I'm a huge fan of naming pets human names, and then adding multiple middle or last names. For example, we have a cat (in PA) named George Marshall. He's not named for anyone, he just is George Marshall. I love that name. It suits him. Our dog is a slight variant from my rule, "Shadow Montel Williams." Other great names for pets could include "Percy Elizabeth," "Henry Adams," "Doc Binkley," "Skip Lichty," "Sue Williams," etc. It's a real hoot! Other fun things to do are to name a dog "Sit," so you'd be like, "Come here, Sit!" and the dog would be utterly confused.


Pete said…
My mom had a dog once named "Sir". Well you can imagine what fun this caused when the dog ran towards a stranger and she kept yelling "Sir, come here. Not not you, the dog, come here sir."
Kris said…
Have you heard the thing where you make your "stripper name" out of the name of your first pet and the name of the street you grew up on? So, if you ever decide to strip wall paper, color out of hair, etc...just keep that in mind when you name a pet (or your child's first pet). I mean, from the two names I know of Peter, it makes him "Sir Woodhaven" (not that it was the first pet or first street, just a pet and a street that I know)
Anonymous said…
I to am a fan of naming animal people names such as James and Mr. Kitty Bob (Kitty doesn't really work, but still), And Pete, Mom's dog's name was Mister not Sir.

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