Boredom Tip of the Day

When you're stuck somewhere with nothing to do, watching the clock tick can drive you crazy. Instead of going insane, go through your pockets for spare change. Then look at the dates on all the coins and take a trip down memory lane remembering what you were doing each year. If you've just been to the bank, you may be stuck with shiny new 2005 quarters, which dampens the fun of the game a little, but it still works. Here's my pocket change for today:

2005: Got the promotion I'd been after since 2001
2002: Gave up commuting and moved to the "city"
2002: Lived in an apartment below a drunken college freshman who played "The Joker" over and over alone in his living room at 3 am. I still hate that song.
2001: Lived in a different apartment next to drug dealers who once puked on my car and ultimately all went to jail (for the drugs, not the puking).
2000: Was bridesmaid in a wedding in my hometown and secretly photographed all the primping and giggling and decorating of three generations of daughters the day-of. Made a black-and-white album of it all for the bride, who cried when she opened it. Score!
2000: Painted ridiculously large cardboard vegetables for a Veggietales VBS week
2000: Seriously contemplated getting a job stocking the fruit stand near my apartment instead of working in my chosen career field
2000: Had many, many three-hour dinner meetings where little was accomplished and much tomfoolery was had by all.
1998: Huge snowstorm canceled classes for a week and I, with a dormful of crazies, watched 2 a.m. snowball fights on the front lawn. The cops pulled up at one point and everyone stopped mid-pitch for the reprimand, but they got out of the cruiser, sauntered slowly toward the guilty parties, and then started pelting snowballs of their own. Ah, memories.
1986: Won two awards in school: one for my ability to hula-hoop and one for the class spelling bee.
1979: only stage of my life when I wore dresses without complaint
1977 & 71: Bonus! Not born yet. When you're still finding change in your pockets older than you, you have no excuse for feeling like you're stuck where you are and have missed all your chances.


Kris said…
Sounds like fun! But, I'd rather nap...ahhh, the lazy days of a teacher in the summer!
Jay said…
I (heart) the word tomfoolery. I think for me it should be called "jayfoolery." Teresa, I KNEW you used to be a hula-ing pro! Otheres, if you haven't seen Teresa's tomfoolery on a hoop, you're missing out :-)
vander said…
'Tis a special talent, I agree. I bet lighting the hoop on fire gave the extra "edge" those field day judges were looking for.
Kris said…
Dang it! I knew there was something I was missing!

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