Parenting Tip of the Day

Sure, its cool to be popular, but some sheep just take that way too far. I remember growing up and asking to do something, because "everyone else is doing it". Mom would counter with "if everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it too?" (This was before the days of bungie jumping.) Well, obviously Turkish sheep need to improve their parenting skills, cause 1,500 sheep jumped off a cliff just because the cool guy and everyone else was doing it. Luckily not all of the sheep died. It turns out that it takes about 450 sheep to create the proper amount of padding to cushion the fall for the others. Wow, that would make a big pillow.


Anonymous said…
So that's where pillows come from.

Seriously who in their right mind is going to let sheep roam around freely in area where there are cliffs they can fall of. Now that's what I call negligence.

Next time use a fence guys!
Jay said…
What happened to their wool? Did it shrink? Cuz you know you can't get wool wet. :-)
Stephanie said…
Gotta hate it when your sheep decide they're going to be lemmings. Hey, this reminds me of a far side comic I once saw.

Jay, I think they jumped off a cliff, not a bridge.
Stephanie said…
Granted, some cliffs have water below. ;-)
Jay said…
Hm, interesting. I just pictured it as having water below. Like one of those cliffs from the coyote and roadrunner cartoons. But that's just me. A good cliff always has water below :-)
Pete said…
Jay, a good anything for you always has water below.
Kris said…
How fun would that be, Jay? After all those sheep go, you could jump off, they could break your fall and bounce you into the water!
And I was thinking about the wool thing, maybe it's like leather...on the cow, as dirty as you want no stains, but on a coat, backpack, pants, whatever, stains like crazy! So perhaps on the sheep, no shrinking, but when you try to wear it...
Jules said…
Kris brought up an important thought. So, new exchange for parents and children everywhere.
Parent: If all your friends were sheep and you had 450 of them and they jumped off a bridge, would you?
Kid: Yes. Sounds fun!
Parent: Doh!

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