iTunes Tip of the Day

This is an extra geeky tip, but a handy one. For those of you who have realized that the iPod make a perfect device for listening to all sorts of audio and not just songs this could be a real headache saver. Say you have something that is long format, such as an audio book (ie. Book on CD you borrowed from the library). You may not be able to listen to the whole thing in one sitting, but fast-forwarding back to the part you left off can be a pain, well if you make your audio file bookmarkable iTunes and your iPod will keep track of where you left off. To make a track bookmarkable, make sure you imported it or converted it to an AAC file, then locate the file (Command-R on Mac, Ctrl-R on Window) and rename it with .m4b at the end (It should already have .m4a or .m4p) The "b" in .m4b stands for, you guessed it, bookmarkable.

If you need more detailed instructions check out this hint or if you plan on doing this a lot, make it easy on yourself and download this script.


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