Cop Patrol Tip of the Day

Some of us are more used to seeing red and blue lights in our rearview mirror then others. But either way, there are several things you can do to keep from getting pulled over. And since we have to come up with 365 tips every year, we're only going to share one of those things with you today.

Cops are out there, everywhere, looking for someone to pullover. So to keep that person from being you, make sure there is someone going faster then you are. I know it sounds simple, but its really profound. I like to say that people who are driving faster then you are on "cop patrol". Let them drive one or two miles an hour faster than you. So, a quarter mile up the road the cop will catch them speeding, so by the time you get to the cop, he'll already be preoccupied. Now obviously this will only work for a few minutes because that person will eventually get away from you (they are going faster afterall), so just look for the next person who's going to be cop patrol and keep that going all the way to New Mexico (um, or Atlanta, whatever the case may be).


Kris said…
That first comment about some people seeing blue and red more than others wouldn't be about anyone we know, would it? Someone in the DR perhaps?
Pete said…
No, Jason doesn't know this tip. He's usually the one on cop patrol.
Stephanie said…
Who knew we'd learn how to break the law on the Tip site?!

Well, coming from the girl who's been pulled over five times and has never gotten a ticket (and these events were all five years ago or more), I've learned a good trick is to never go more than 9 mph over the speed limit.

If you DO get pulled over, a good prop is essential ("I'm sorry, could you hold my ice cream cone for me while I get out my license and registration?"). Waterworks can help--one time I cried, and they were very honest (and embarrassed) tears, as I was driving my Granny's car, with my Granny in the passenger seat. Also, the trump card can always help ("Yes, I coach the mounted police and I know Seargant [insert last name], do you think you might be able to give him a call?"). (Take-home message: It doesn't hurt to make friends with a few officers. Remember, as they say, "you're only three people from the President.") Thankfully, I've never had to use the trump card.
Pete said…
Also it doesn't hurt to be a girl.

Jason has gotten like 1 warning after countless pull-overs. We have another friend, a girl, whose been pulled over nearly a dozen times without a ticket.
CGrim said…
The key is to go the same speed as them, only about a quarter mile back. In theory, the only reason you should need to replace them is if they get off at an exit, or if they get pulled over.

This strategy has worked succesfully for me on at least 3 different occasions. (Judging by the fact that the person I was trailing got pulled over, and I, going the same speed, likely would have been also.)

One person suggested the "9 mph" trick, which is valid, but an even better one is if you actually do get a ticket, it shows the categories on the back. Simply find the one that you are willing to pay, and drive no faster than that. (I now go no more than 17 mph over the speed limit in most states.)

Those roadside "You are going..." speed signs are useful, too, as they will sometimes tell you a different number than your own speedometer, and you can get an idea of how much wiggle room you have.

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