Driving Tip of the Day

With the middle of summer here, everyone is due at least one small road trip. To help you on your jorney, this week at Tip O Day Day, we will present a full set of car travel tips all from different members to our Crack Writing Team™!

No matter where we are we always find ourselves saying things like, "Man, people in (insert wherever you are) need to learn how to drive!" In Elizabethtown, I swear it's true. My tip? Make sure you bring your nightvision goggles should you choose to turn left on a dark road in E-town...apparently, they don't know where to find the switch that turns on the lights in their cars! Caution, not following this advice could land your car looking something like this.


Jay said…
DANG! People in E-town DO need to learn how to drive! But, you did get a new car out of the deal :-) There's some good in every situation!
vander said…
Now, now. I can say with complete confidence that the drivers in Breezy-E are no worse than the drivers here. Stupid people with cars are not restricted to E-town.

FYI if you click on the Elizabethtown link and watch the trailer: ain't no rivers anywhere near E-town. That ain't our cemetery neither. And, frankly, the courthouse doesn't look familiar. Kudos to them for pronouncing "Louisville" correctly, though.
Kris said…
No, bad drivers are not restricted to E-town, but they do exist there! They did film some of it in E-town, but most in Louisville, some in Versailles, and if you watch the internet preview (not the trailer), you'll see Orlando Bloom in an Ale-8 shirt!
And Jay, thanks for welcoming me to the nasty cycle that is the car payment...have to have a car to go to work, have to go to work to make the car payment!
Jay said…
Yup, it's fun Kris! My dad always says, "either you're making payments on a car each month, or paying huge lump sums every now and then to get it fixed." Or, you could have to do both (which was the case on the Cougar). I prefer to have a planned amount due rather than unexpected $1,000 bills!
Kris said…
Unfortunately, I was doing neither...:(

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