Moving Tips of the Day

  1. Leave clothes on the hanger rather than packing them up in a suitcase. This will save an unneccessary waste of time.
  2. Begin packing days or weeks in advance. Clearly label every box to make it easier to unpack.
  3. When you switch residence it is always a good idea to do a walk-through of your old place after you move everything out. Even when you are "absolutely sure" you got everything out of every cabinet it is possible that you may have left something behind.
  4. Keep all the clothes in your dresser drawers and just pull the drawers out instead of putting your clothes in a box.
  5. Be careful when you move heavy furniture and make sure all small animals are clearly out of the way. You'd hate to have your happy moving day turn into a tragic event. (Don't worry guys, that happened to a friend...Sarah's cat is OKAY...)
  6. Employ the help of your male friends and family to move all the heavy furniture and then buy them lunch afterwards. It's cheaper than hiring movers.
  7. If you know you may be moving again soon or know someone else that is, save the boxes and fold them up to store in your garage or closet. This will save you or your friends from the dreaded box hunt.
-Lalah DeSha


Anonymous said…
Zoe's just fine guys! She's as happy as a lark in her new home! If I had to give a moving tip it would be to move as infrequently as possible!

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