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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Motoring Tip of the Day

This tip actually hails from our dear friend, Dark Scrivener. When purchasing a new car, it's best to perform a few key functions during the car's break-in period. This can help to improve the longevity of your car. First, obviously, within the first 500 miles, drive the car sensibly, much like your grandma would drive it. I know, I know, you really want to "see what she's made of" but it's important. The second, which applies especially to manual transmissions, is to try to keep your RPMs below 3,000 RPM (again for the first 500 miles.) The Dark Scrivener also suggests getting an oil change at 500 miles. Why? Because brand new engines can have some metal shavings (BTW, that animation freaks me out) in them, and changing the oil can greatly reduce early damage. He also suggests another oil change at 1,500 miles, and then you'll be good to go. This may seem excessive, but we are talking about prolonging the life of your car. As a disclaimer, we recommend you consult your car's manual before driving to see what the factory recommends for your model.


Blogger Pete said...

Ok, the old grandma doll and old lady face, are very very freaky. I think I might have nightmares about this tip.

18 July, 2005 23:04

Blogger Kris said...

Peter, I concur. Those are some of the most frightening images we've had here on Tip yet! Oh, and that reminds me, Jay...have you hit 500 yet?

19 July, 2005 00:31

Blogger JCo said...

Talk about some random pics. Yikes! I think my dad would have a similar tip. Thanks Dark Scrivener.

19 July, 2005 08:21

Blogger Jay said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I was re-clicking on these links, and peepz, you are right. These are some VERY disturbing images! I love the animated GIF of the armpit guy--who comes up with this stuff? I also really like the cartoon about "using the bag in front of you." VERY random. K-ris, yes, I have hit the 500 marker, and just got me first oil change!

19 July, 2005 09:54

Blogger Jay said...

I kinda want one of those grandma dolls so I can always feel like my grandma is here in KY! (I accidentally typed "grandman." Weird.)

19 July, 2005 09:56

Blogger The Dark Scrivener said...

My goodness, I created a tip and didn't even know it! Very glad to hear you are protecting that Mazda. Perhaps I shall be able to drive it again after it has been fully broken in...

19 July, 2005 12:24

Blogger Jay said...

DARK SCRIV! Good to hear from you!

19 July, 2005 15:01


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