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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mouse Hunt Tip of the Day

Most of us do not want to keep wild mice as pets...in fact, we probably don't really want them in our houses/apartments or what have you. It has been my experience that unless you want one of these little furry critters to make a nice home of your home, you should not store the cat/dog/other animal food underneith the sink, or in any other low cabinet. In addition, when these little fuzzy guys see a clear liquid in a plastic bottle, they tend to go for that as well. So, unless you wish to have a well fed, alcoholic mouse in your house, store these items in a higher or more secure place...the cat can't catch what he can't find! Force these little guys out into the open.


Blogger Jay said...

Any advice for rats? Our office had rat infestation...which was horrible, and it was likely due to the fact that AC's physical plant neglected to clean our office. It was quite disturbing, as you can imagine.

05 July, 2005 10:35

Blogger Kris said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

05 July, 2005 10:44

Blogger vander said...

Put them to work in the kitchen. Rats excel at cooking; "Muppets Take Manhattan" is a great example of this. If, however, you'd rather get rid of them altogether, buy vultures. I think that will remedy the "infestation". Once the vultures get rid of the rats, though, there's not much you can do with them. Vultures are notoriously bad cooks, but they might be good at filing things. You just never know until you try.

05 July, 2005 10:51

Blogger vander said...

Um, just to clarify: my comment was about the rats, not the runners. I have no idea how the runners perform in the kitchen.

05 July, 2005 10:55

Blogger Kris said...

If it was caused by a lack of a clean office, then I suggest cleaning the office...there, problem solved!
Oh, by the way, for those curious about the results of the 10K yesterday...
Steve Zahn -- 47:05
Jason Parmer -- 49:30
Jeff Presley -- 49:57
Brad Stone -- 50:03
Elissa Roycraft -- 53:27 (really 53:10 but the first pad didn't register)
Shannon Gabe -- 53:33
Kris Sundheimer -- 53:54
Ed Gabe -- 54:39
Julie Weber -- 56:25
Taryn Stone 1:04:16
The Incredibles -- some time after that!

Let me know if I left anyone out! Awesome job guys...next year we'll have to beat Steve!

05 July, 2005 11:06

Blogger Jay said...

OMG, Kris, thanks for posting those results...I couldn't find them online...AND, my time last year was 50:30, so it wasn't MORE than a minute less than my last year's time, which means, I don't have to run the mini! OMG! Hah!

05 July, 2005 11:12

Blogger Jay said...

BTW, Gosh, sorry I didn't resize that image! It's enormous! I'll get on that...

05 July, 2005 11:17

Blogger Kris said...

I know, I know...I looked up your time last year just to be sure. Just so you can look up everyone else that you thought you might want to, here's the link for the results. They are still in order of the finishing times, not chip times, and the pace they give is not for chip times either...not the best use of the chip if you ask me, but they didn't!

05 July, 2005 11:18

Blogger Blair said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

05 July, 2005 17:08

Blogger Blair said...

Nice times. I'm wanted to sleep in yesterday but it looks I'm going to have to get in on the action. I'll beat you all next time...

05 July, 2005 17:11


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