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Monday, April 23, 2007

Trust Tip of the Day

Here is a guide to test the trust in your marriage:
  1. Have husband hold ladder on stairs in narrow, dark hallway
  2. Wife stand on top of the ladder
  3. Wife sprays hot chemical mixture- spritz oozes all over husband below
  4. Using a very sharp tool, girate body while scraping walls
  5. Wallpaper shreds and crumbs drop all over husband
  6. Reassure husband that razor sharp tools are not going to drop on his head
  7. Ask husband to move ladder to next step, spray more stinky chemical, and repeat scraping motions
  8. Thank husband for his time, patience, and strong, steady grip

This just happens to be our 800th Tip! Thanks to all our contributers and commenters. Keep em coming!

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Blogger Cherie said...

Oooh, simple tip from a guest who read Tip O Da Day. Equal parts of Downey (or generic laundry softner) and warm water work as well as chemicals in removing wallpaper, and it smells april fresh.

24 April, 2007 16:36


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