Mac/Windows Tip of the Weekend

You may not know this, but on all of Apple's new Mac you can run not only Mac OS X, but also Windows. You can do this with the Apple solution, using free Boot Camp software, but you have to restart your computer every time you switch OSes. Or, even cooler, you can run Windows, where in belongs, in a separate window in the Mac OS using Parrallels. Note: both solutions require that you purchase Windows separately.


Jay said…
Thanks Pete. ;-) I feel like a schmuck for not knowing about Parallels...
CGrim said…
Other features aside, the best part of Parallels is the ease of interacting with other Macs/PCs on our network.

Somewhat related, awhile back, I had to figure out how to run MacOS in a window on my PC, mostly because I was addicted at the time to a certain game that for a while was only made for Macs.

I predict that in 5-10 years, computers will become virtually indistinguishable and interoperable, as Windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris, etc all melt together. And by doing so, open the door to even more creativity and innovation.

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