Automated Phone System Tip of the Day

Who calls a customer support number because they expect to get help from an automated answer? (pause) Yeah, I didn't think so. Well skip past all that "please listen to all options before making your selection" jibberish with the gethuman 500 database or if you don't even want to bother with that, just use Bringo and they'll connect you straight up.


Jay said…
This is an AMAZING tip. It's true. If I'm calling an 800 number, you better believe I have exhausted EVERY possible way of solving the problem, thank you very much, Windstream. And yes, I did check to make sure my cable was plugged in. The only joy I derive from painstakingly navigating those menus and being on hold is knowing that on the other end, that company is paying the long distance charge for my call. At least there's SOME justice!
Anonymous said…
Check out too. They have a searchable database for different countries.
Unknown said…
I really dont like the automated stuff when I call its to talk to a representitve.
Jules said…
that link was very bookmark worthy

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