Landscaping Tip of the Day I

Our greenthumbed friend Citizen Grim recently gave me some excellent tips for gardening that I think are worth sharing with the world. Enjoy!

Plants generally fall into categories about what sort of spot they need to be in.

Some prefer more sun, so they should be on the south side of buildings or fences, where they'll get light for most of the day. Others prefer more shade (especially ferns) and would be best on the north side of buildings and fences. And there are some that favor "partial sun," and would do best in locations where they would get a couple hours of sun per day, but not too much.

Watering is another factor: cactuses like to be dry, ferns like to be pretty wet. Most other plants fall somewhere in the middle - the water should be kept moist but not too saturated.

They also bloom at different times of the year - lots of things bloom in spring, quite a few in summer, and some bloom pretty late into the fall. One or two things even bloom all winter long. Once trees or shrubs finish blooming, they focus mostly on growing new leaves (or fruit, as the case may be). However, when flowers finish blooming, they pretty much finish up their cycle and go dormant or die off. So it might be a good idea to cover spring-blooming plants with ones that bloom from summer-fall, to cover the dead foliage.

These things are usually mentioned on the plant's tag at the store. Other information might mention maximum size, cold hardiness, or weather the plant is an annual (lives only one year) or perennial (comes back year after year).


Amanda said…
Wow! There's so much to think about. Plants stress me out. I can keep animals and young children alive, but not plants.

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