Submarine Tip of the Day III

On second thought, don't pull any pranks on people in the sub. Because we kinda forgot that you're basically stuck underwater in a tin can with these people. And we hear payback's a ... well, paybacks aren't fun for the recipient. And with a bunch of once-frat-boy compatriots underwater, there's sure to be a payback that would be worse than the stunt you pulled. So, maybe don't be the one to initiate a prank war. But if someone gets you, you'll have a few ideas.


Amanda said…
I don't like pranks for just that reason. They never end.
CGrim said…
That's why it's important to develop a good pranking reputation, Amanda. If someone knows that their prank will result in a thorough and overwhelming campaign of vengeance, they'll be less likely to prank you in the first place. So you should always have a healthy arsenal of devastating pranks up your sleeve. Let people know that you don't want to use them, but you will if you have to. Mutually assured destruction. And every now and then, you can randomly prank people, to keep them on their toes. :)

Si vis pacem, para bellum.
Anonymous said…
Anyone remember that prank wars episode on My Brother and Me?
Anonymous said…
So here's a few pranks that we like to pull... we steal each other's flashlights from our belt loops, we sometimes will wet someone's pillow and put it in the freezer... we also have ceremonies like 'shellback' and 'blue nose' for crossing the equator and the north pole, respectively. There's nothing like getting dowsed with 30F water from a firehose while you're at the north pole.

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