Deer Tip of the Day

If you're a deer and things are getting a little too crazy on your local college campus , try and make a run for it...but don't make a run for it over a wall.

If you do happen to have made an unfortunate beeline towards a wall, expect to break your leg, go into shock and run into a park full of milling humans who are enjoying a spring day.

Once in the park, run full speed towards two humans with cameras, maybe they will take a picture of you and alert people to the dangers of deer on campuses. Or maybe they will just stand there in shock and ask 'what is that, what is that, what is that?' over and over.

you think, 'use your words human. i'm a deer.'

but before you can say that you will labor into the neighboring forest where you hope the local authorities will find you.

Special thanks to Jara and Daphne


Jay said…
I think I'm very glad I'm not a deer on a college campus. Remember what happened to that one poor goat on a college campus? Gah.
Pete said…
Are there pictures from this event?
JaraBeara said…
i wish there were pictures of this deer. but no. the people who were there (who shall not be named) managed to hold onto their cameras the whole time.

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