Submarine Tip of the Day I

This series is dedicated to our favorite naval seamen, Ens. Kyle Calton who spends his working hours under the sea protecting us all from the bad guys. We thought it'd be great to do a whole series of tips that we speculate would be true, but obviously don't know for sure. These are "speculative" tips from non-able-bodied-seamen. Yet, we feel they're true, and hoped that maybe Officer Calton could steer us in the right direction if we're wrong.

If you're underwater on a sub, a little bored, and looking for a great prank to pull, we've got an excellent tip for you. Wait until your fellow crewmembers are asleep, then grab about 4 or 5 buckets of water. Find the target of the prank and sound some type of fake alarm, dumping the contents of the buckets onto him screaming, "we're going down--we've taken on water!"

Sure to be a gas!


CGrim said…
I bet that prank would work just as well to people not on a submarine. They just woke up, they don't have any idea where they are - all they know is that there's water everywhere, and their roommate is screaming "We're sinking! AhhOOOOOhga, AhhhOOOOOOhga! Everybody panic!"
Jay said…
SOOO true. I'll try this on Cheddar tonight.

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