Airline Tip of the Day

If you're flying American Airlines, hope you don't have to check, carry-on or gate-check any of the items below, because they're not covered if lost, damaged or destroyed. I think this list pretty much covers ANYTHING-- especially the "or anything of any value" or "anything fragile" statements. If they do break your stuff and absolve themselves of any responsibility, you can always file a complaint with the FTC.

Directly from American Airlines' "Customer Service" (if you can call it that) received almost one month after emailing them:

"We do not accept responsibility for antiques, artifacts, artwork, books and documents, china, computers and other electronic equipment, computer software, fragile items (including child/infant restraint devices such as strollers and car seats), eyeglasses,
prescription sunglasses, non-prescription sunglasses and all other eyewear and eye/vision devices whether lenses are glass, plastic, or some other material, furs, heirlooms, items carried in the passenger compartment of the aircraft, liquids, medicines, money, orthotics, surgical supports, perishable items, photographic, video and optical equipment, precious metals, stones or jewelry, securities and negotiable papers, silverware, samples, unique or irreplaceable items or any other similar valuable items."

Glad to know that good ole American Airlines will replace 1. my old underwear, 2. that bar of Dial soap they lost, and 3. oh, I guess that's it.


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