Biconfusing Tip of the Day

Biannually and Semiannually both mean twice a year, biennialy mines every two years, and it just gets more confusing after that:
biannually and semiyearly
occurring twice a year
occurring every six months or twice a year
biennially and biyearly
occurring every two years
occuring twice a month

Now comes the fun part!

occurring every two months
occurring twice a month
occurring twice a week
occurring twice a week
occurring every two weeks
Yes, Bimonthly and Biweekly mean two completely different similar things. So my only question left is what does "ennial" mean?


Jay said…
Very useful info, indeed. I never really knew what things like that meant, so I vowed never to use them unless I had to. Is something really a shortcut if no one knows what it means? One clue for the "ennial." Flowers that return each year are called "perennial," so maybe "ennial" means "each year." Although that doesn't really work with biennially. Hm.
Anonymous said…
Its a Latin suffix that means year.

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