Mastercharge Tip of the Day

First things first, re: the subject of this tip. I love how old people call credit cards "Master Charge" when there really isn't even a company called "Master Charge." It's a Master Card that you use to charge. I also love how when a clerk asks "cash, check or charge," they'll say, "Oh, I'll pay for it" if they're using cash. (As if they're stealing it using the credit card). :-) Anywho, here's my tip. This is based on a true occurrence a few weeks ago. I received my new credit card (my old one was close to expiring). The company I was using was bought out by a new company, Emerge, and when I went to pay my bill, I was redirected to a "new site!" (Shady.) My tip is this. If you get REDIRECTED to a new site to pay ANY bill and the following text shows up, DO NOT TRUST THE COMPANY:

Although the website is secure, we recommend that you not send sensitive personal identification information such as your Social Security number, complete account number or mother's maiden name via Internet email.

If you would like to contact customer service via email regarding your account, please include the following:

Name (as it appears on your credit card)

Last four digits of your Social Security number

Last four digits of your account number

Date of birth

Zip code

Home phone

Business phone

Concern or question

Does anyone else find it disconcerting that they'd ask you to EMAIL that information? Turns out this company is legit, but they also have no Verisign or Trust-E approval, both things you check before entering secure data.


Pete said…
This post once again points out Tip O Da Day's blatant lack of Journalistic Integrity™ (would that make it "unintegrity" or would the fact that "in-" sounds like it's already missing something and so the double negative would be "tegrity", ya I like that lets go with tegrity). A simple gloss over this History of Visa page and you will see that there used to be a "Master Charge" card back in the day. The perfect time frame for "old people" to call it that.
Jules said…
Blair, how many years of Latin did you take exactly? Because I took more than I'd care to admit, and I couldn't have told you all that. Well done.

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