Coin Tip of the Day

Ok, so when you were a kid, counting coins was kind of fun. You would count them, and wrap them in little pieces of paper. Use them to pay tolls and buy candy. It was great because that's pretty much all you had. Now you've got at least eight real dollars in you wallet and a pile of coins is doing a great job of making your dresser look messier and not much else. Those machines at grocery stores will count your change for you have been around for a while, but when you realize that they're going to give you 91¢ for every $1 you stick in, you decide that you'd rather just have your change making your dresser look messy. But now a new day has come. Coinstar machines can now convert your coins into a useful currencies…iTunes Music Store & Starbucks gift cards! And at a 1 to 1 ratio to boot!

Its time to clean out the couch!


Kris said…
While technically, you could just use the spare change at much more fun is it to use a gift card!!?

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