MacBook Tip of the Day

So we're all excited about the 17" MacBook Pro. But what makes its super-cool is a little pricing inconsistency that no one's pointed out yet. Turns out the brand new 17" MacBook Pro is actually cheaper than a 15" MacBook Pro.

The 17" MacBook Pro is $2799 with a 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo chip, 120GB Harddrive and 8x double-layer SuperDrive. The 15" MacBook Pro starts at $1999, but doing a little bit of configuring on the old Apple Store, you can max out the 15" with similar specs: 2.16GHz, 120GB and 4x single layer drive all for only $2899. So, for $100 less dollars Apple is throwing in a larger screen and better SuperDrive, now that's a deal! Someone over in Apple pricing land must have been playing a little bit too much Soduko to notice. Until then, enjoy justifiying your $2799 purchase.


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