De-Microsofting Tip of the Day

Are you a Mac user who hates Microsoft, but find yourself unfortunately dependent on certain pieces of software from them, such as Microsoft Office? Do you wish your Mac could no longer be sullied and polluted by the world of clip-art, word-art, "it-looks-like-you're-writing-a-letter" comments and bouncing paper clips that will help you manage your lists? Well, now you can. It used to be that since the rest of the world uses Excel, Word, etc., you had to have these programs on your computer to open such documents. And, with Office costing $400, it's a huge investment for crappy software. But, thanks to an opensource program, Neo Office, you'll be able to open and save Microsoft Office documents with FREE software, that probably works better than Office. Let the Microsoft delete-a-thon begin!


CGrim said…
ha, you're channeling some serious anti-microsoft angst there... this can mean only one thing.

requisite firefox plug

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