Warm Tip of the Day

So we have some surprisingly cold weather here at TodD Intergalactic Headquarters today. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that it is important to stay warm. A hot beverage can help, but like today you may not be expecting cold weather so you may hot have hot beverages laying around. In those cases, drink your lukewarm beverage like it is hot.

Hold it with both hands, keep it close to your mouth, elbows tucked it, and just imagine the steam rising. It will warm you up, or at least your mind for a few seconds.


vander said…
"Drink it like it's hot."

JCo said…
Hot lemonade? Now that is an idea!
Jules said…
Yes, TV is oddly referencing a song she no doubt hates, the ghetto-fabulous "Drop It Like It's Hot" by Snoop. I thought she was channeling Jason there for a moment. Way to take one for the team, Vander.
vander said…
Is he drinking a milkshake in that picture? I hear it brings boys to the yard. Gross.

Yes, I hate most of pop/rap's weakly veiled references to the female form. But I reserve the right to hate the ones about food most of all, so "drop it like it's hot" is not on that list. Technically. I am vehemently opposed to any shaking of the laffy taffy, just so we're clear.

And (whilst I am here, on my soapbox) I find it incredibly derrogatory how most rap videos showcase women in skimpy clothes as the toys of men who are ridiculously overdressed. The male rappers get to wear XXXL shirts and coats and pants that are so oversized they can barely walk upright while the women are freezing their butts off in some sort of underwear/swimsuit combo.

In the music industry, that's how you can tell a "diva" has arrived: she's finally allowed to wear all her clothes while she performs.
Jay said…
OMG. Some of the most hilarious comments I've seen. :-) "Drink it like it's hot." Perfect. I (heart) it

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