Wal-Mark List of the Day

It's list week here at Tip O Da Day. And our writers are sure to have left something off each list, so please add it to the comments. So without further ado, here is the first list of "List Week":

Looking for some fun, ask Wal-Mart (or Wal-Mark, depending on the accent) where you can find the following, and then gaze at their blank stares. If your Wal-Mark is like ours, they likely have no earthly idea what you are talking about:
  • Fondu Pot
  • Extra Long Sheets
  • Cliff Notes
  • Granola
  • Britta Water Filters
  • A Cork


CGrim said…
Even better if you call them on the phone and ask for that department...

- "Can I have the fondue department, please?"

- "Please connect me with the lobster department."

- "Uh, yes, what time does the wicker cabinet department open?"

Or calling from your cellphone while inside the store...

- "Yes, I'm standing in your store right now, in the sporting goods section, facing south. Can you tell me how to get to the votive candle department? I lost my bearings in the lingerie department, and supplies were running low, so I had to turn back."
Jay said…
LOL! Other things that will indeed mess up their employees are asking for: RCA to Headphone jack cables, boxing mouth guards, mini-DV tapes, rubber stamps, "Subway" ("There's a Subway in here?") the Optometrist, Vaseline™, and bicycle horns. Also of note, if you wonder where something is in Wal-Mark, bring Willa Brockinton. She knows where EVERYTHING in Wal-Mark is.
Amanda said…
Ok, my secret pet peeve is when people add an 's' to the end...Walmarts...it's singular.

Andy- you're hilarious.

FYI- they also don't really like people playing hide and go seek in their beach towels in the middle of the night.
CGrim said…
RCA to Headphone jack cables

You think that's bad, try finding a Mini-plug to Mini-plug cable. It's virtually impossible, no matter what store. I went to 4 different stores before I finally found them at Best Buy, where they only had one left.

And it buzzes when using the car AC adapter. Which is beyond annoying.
Kris said…
We actually had a conversation at school about the adding of the "S" to wal-mart. We decided that it's more posessive than plural, as if Wal-mart was the name of the guy who owned the store, like Meijer is called Meijer's because it's his store. But, Wal-mart is not the name of the guy, so I'm with you, I find it equally annoying.
I also don't think they're fond of when you test out all the kid's toys.

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