Illustrator Tip of the Day

Adobe Illustrator is really fun to design stuff in, even if your end product is going to be a website, PowerPoint, or any other pixel based environment, but you might be surprised by what it looks like when you leave the comfort of your super sharp Vector Environment. Well be surprised no longer, use "Pixel Preview" (Under the "View" menu) to take the guess work out of what that .25 pt line will look like when you're done.


CGrim said…
not to be picky, but technically, Illustrator is Vecter, not Raster.

which suddenly, and peculiarly, makes me want to say, "What's your vector, Victor?"
Pete said…
Opps, thanks Andy. I think my mind got ahead of itself. Since I was talking about viewing Raster in a Vector environment, my phraseology got a sentence ahaed of itself
Pete said…
Ok, and my capitalization did too.

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