Acolyte List of the Week IV

  • We've all heard the phrase "speak softly but carry a large stick." Well, this applies to acolytion as well, sort of. We'd like to reword it "walk slowly when carrying a large stick." In other words, if you're "lightin' it up" you really need to walk slowly to get to your proverbial candles. Otherwise, your flame will burn out on that walk down the aisle. Then, you'll look like a tool, and have to fake light a bunch of candles ceremoniously. Now THAT is embarrassment.
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    Stephanie said…
    UGh! Fake lighting candles. Been there, done that.

    Yes, I was an acolyte as well. What was with those funny smocks, anyway!?

    I'm sorry I missed the haiku storm! I LOVE haikus! :-)

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