Party-Starting Tip of the Day

Occasionally you find yourself in a questionable party situation. For example, let's say there's a decent DJ playing run-of-the-mill Top 40 music, a huge dance floor, plenty of able-bodied people (at least 140 athletes who have just completed a triathlon and are pretty wired about it), but NO ONE one out there dancing. (Believe it or not, not everyone has as much dance floor camaraderie as the ToDd gang!)

The solution: Teaching your friends and teammates--most of whom are reluctant dancers--the samba line dance (Thank you, Amanda!!).
  1. Sell the idea long before the party starts...two days ahead of time will work ("I have to teach you this awesome samba line dance at the celebration party. It's hands-down better than any Electric Slide or the Macarena.") Talk it up until they agree to learn.
  2. Confirm that said party is slow. While they are playing something akin to "Wind Beneath My Wings," pull your teammates--the enthusiastic and the skeptical--to the back of the ballroom, and teach them the samba line dance steps. You might find your 69-year-old coach is your most willing and quick-to-catch-on participant!!
  3. Send one of the bystanders up to the DJ to request "Let's Get it Started."
  4. When the first strains of the song hit the speakers, get out there with your teammates and their new skillz!
  5. Watch the dance floor fill up with 50+ people, many of whom are watching your feet, trying to catch on to this new-fangled dance. :-)

Ahhh, success. ;-)


Amanda said…
I'm so proud.
Amanda said…
Next, I'll have to show you the Crocodile Rock.
Jay said…
OMG. How fun. I'm telling you all, the Samba Linedance will take the nation by storm. It's especially fun to dance to "Thriller" and if you just incorporate some of the hand moves, bystanders will honestly think you know the whole dance from the music video. One day when our kids are in middle school, we'll hear them say there's this "phat new dance" all the kids are doing at their middle school dance (where guidance counselors verify your hands aren't grabbing an eight-grader's--) All that to say, it's a huge hit. And will continue to grow in popularity. There will be samba linedance parties.
Amanda said…
At the next event (Our Nutt's wedding perhaps) we will need to record the dance on video for posterity's stake. That way we can prove to our kids that we were once cool.

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