DMV Tip of the Day

The LFUCG Drivers License office appears to be now using the "candid technique" to take your drivers license picture. That advertise that there will be not flash but now before you even know they were thinking about taking your picture they hand you your new license. As an added bonus you can't use your awesome picture from your last license like you used to be able to do.

So as soon as you enter the doors to that dark and gloomy place, just think about Elvis and smile!


Jay said…
I forgot about Elvis working there! And yes, the whole "no flash" thing DOES creep me out too. Because one can only hold a smile for so long.
Kris said…
Tell me about it! The no flash means they shine a light in your eyes for like a minute...not that there will be no light. I so wasn't ready to not be able to use my old picture!

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