Tip O Da Day Tip O Da Day

If you haven't check out our magical site here recently, maybe well cause it went through a silent time, go back and check the days that didn't happen, because sometimes its better to just cover up gaps as opposed to acknowledging they are there. Kind of like wrinkles. So according to anyone, there were tips every day last week, what are you talking about? Just because work was crazy busy and people are busy getting married doesn't mean tips don't reveal themselves to our lives.


Amanda said…
There's a few days missing - ex. Mon-Wed. But those days aren't really important anyway.

I suppose work and marriage might be valid excuses. Only about twenty-five and a half hours left of singleness for you.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Good job on covering it up but we have to make up all the days or the trend will be broke
Pete said…
Amanda, I have no idea what you're talking about ;-)

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