Tri Tip of the Day

Goals in life our good to have. Conveniently goals come in all sorts of shapes and sizes: "Finish college in 3 years", "save enough for a down payment by the end of the year", "eat a whole pizza in one sitting". Some of us have more ambitious goals then others. Mine, for example is to go though an entire meal without spilling tea on my clothes. Others, maybe to run 10k and bike for 26 miles but only after a good mile swimming in a lake in the middle of Texas. Those who have ambitious goals always appreciate support from their friend and fellow tipsters. So if you happen to know someone who is competing in a triathlon this Sunday let them know you're praying and supporting them!


Jay said…
Rock 'em Steph. Do your best--show 'em who's boss, and kick some serious A. We're rooting for you and we're proud of how your training will pay off.
Amanda said…
Stephanie - can't wait to hear about it. I'm sure you'll do great!

Jay - I'm impressed that you know what "rooting" is
Jay said…
Amanda - of course I do. I have an oral fixation. Freud blames that on my early years. :-)

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