Airport Tip of the Day

If you're leaving at 4:00 AM after an adrenaline-filled late-night to take someone to an airport that's 1.5 hours away, you have a decision to make. Do you obtain about 2 hours of sleep before making the voyage? Or do you continue to ride out that adrenaline until you make it back? The answer? Listen to your body. (Which reminds me of that song, "Listen to Your Heart" by Tiffany.) Just be sure that regardless of your choice, you chug Mountain Dew by the gallon. (Or, I guess two-liter, or big-gulp.) Make sure to remember that after just a few hours of sleep, you may wake up feeling more groggy and disoriented that if you hadn't slept at all. Either way, bring giggly friends with you to keep you awake.


Amanda said…
Hey, that's me!!! Fun times with haikus, snackeroos, and pashminas! WEEEEE!
Anonymous said…
Louisville in a car
Hunger pains and tinkle time
Up until sunrise
CGrim said…
I also highly recommend that Vault energy soda. Even one bottle is enough to keep you awake for hours.

And if you have two bottles, or have a bottle of Vault and a bottle of Gatorade, it gives your heart a funny rhythym for the rest of the day.

Which is actually probably not healthy.

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