Labor Tip of the Day

When it's labor day, you can (and should) take a day off from tip-writing. Slacking. It's what our country was founded on™.


vander said…
Dear Tipsters,

"Listen to Your Heart" is by Roxette, not Tiffany. It's on their "Look Sharp" album.

If I can't trust your accuracy in eighties teenie-bopper iconography, what CAN I trust? Shambles. My life is in shambles. Thanks, guys.
Amanda said…
Dear Vander,
You are officially hilarious. But, I will tell you that lowly 6th graders do not get your profound jokes. I started laughing and they asked me to tell them. I told them they wouldn't get it, but they persisted. Then, they all looked at me like I was crazy and went back to typing. Good story.

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