Pee Tip of the Day

Want to know how to get that unpleasant cat urine smell out of your house? Well, check out this site which is an invaluable asset. Especially helpful are the comments by "fool," "Bruno," "Kitten," and "JoJo."


CGrim said…
For combating unpleasant scents, you really can't go wrong with candles. With autumn upon us, you might want to consider picking up some Pumpkin Pie scent, or Apple Cinnamon. Not only do they release a pleasant, non-overwhelming scent into the air, the flame itself actually helps clean the air (albeit, in a very small way) as it burns. The ambiance is an added bonus.

*This message has been brought to you by Yankee Candle.
Jay said…
Ahhh, yummy. I love the smells of autumn. And so glad a candle can capture those scents perfectly.

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