Derby Tip of the Weekend

We've developed a great strategy for betting at the races that guarantees you not swindling too much money, and benefiting those you care about. Oh, and not giving "the house" one penny. It's simple. You and your group of friends each decide to throw a set amount of money in a pot, and the person whose horse finishes closest to the top wins the pot. That way no one gambles away their life savings, and even if you lose, you know a good friend got your cash, and not Biggs Casino. And, you can probably con the day's "big winner" into buying everyone dinner or drinks afterward. :-)


Amanda said…
We did just this at the Derby Party and I won the pot! #8-Hard Spun got second. That's the real reason why I had people over...oh, and to wear a hat.
Jules said…
nice reference to Biggs Casino, an 8G creation.

i was the winner of said pot. i actually picked street sense, although i like the rule of whoever's horse is simply the highest, as that way SOMEBODY wins. and I didn't win nearly enough to buy you dinner, jay. maybe off McD's dollar menu - you can get 2 things. :)
Anonymous said…
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