Save Moo-lah Tip of the Day, Part 2

This is part 2 of our 3 part series. Be sure to check out items 1-3 from last week.

4. Aerosols
Limit your use of aerosol cans. Because they have limited recycling value, the containers will probably wind up in a landfill. Instead of aerosols, look for spray bottles, liquids, powders and roll-ons.

5. Laundry Room
By making sure your lint filter is clean and your dryer exhaust free to open and close, you are essentially tuning up the efficiency of your appliance. It will run better and be more cost efficient.

6. Collect the Rain
Place a barrel under a gutter downspout and let it fill over time. Plenty Magazine Managing Editor Deb Snoonian said, "Rain water is actually healthier for plants and gardens than tap water which often has chlorine in it to kill bacteria, but bacteria can inhibit plants from growing (Once again, thanks Deb. Boy, isn't she a know-it-all?).

7. Reduce Paper
The paper trail follows many of us, adding hundreds of pounds of waste. You can reduce it with just a few changes. Save printing: send documents by email and keep files on your computer, not a filing cabinet.

8. Print Double Sides
You can save plenty of paper by programming your printer to use both sides of the paper. In the case of a long report, do you really need 500 one-sided pages?


Pete said…
That's right Julie, if there's one things those Snoonian's are known for, it's knowing it all!
Jay said…
Although, I like how she tells you to "program your computer to print double-sided." Um, actually know-it-all, it's just an option when you print. Duh! :-)
Jules said…
i realize that #4 has nothing to do with saving money. a rollover from when the list was called "going green."
Jay said…
Yeah, because I'm pretty sure AQUA NET hairspray is the cheapest out there.
Amanda said…
Do you know from personal experience?
Jules said…
of course he does. you think that hair stands up on its own? actually this is a hard one for me because aerosol hairspray is basically AWESOME.

i'm sure jason will agree.

you know who i miss on this blog? TERESA. i mean, where is she? she was always good for a comment. and a funny one at that. she's saving them al up for the quote board , i guess. booooo.
Jay said…
Much to all y'all's surprise, I have never used Hairspray--with one exception (which I'll describe in a moment.) I prefer putties, waxes, gels, spiking glues and pomades. The exception? My sister had "Rollerblade Barbie," and her rollerblades made sparks which were incredible. Consequently, I thought it'd be awesome to spray hairspray at them, and I almost caught the bed on fire. My parents weren't happy at all.
Jay said…
I learned about AQUA NET from my grandma. She somehow had a curly-hair-helmet that was completely unmovable, water-repellant, and anything but flame retardant.
Jay said…
And I know the obvious question to succeed the Barbie comment was, "what were you doing with a Barbie doll in bed." And the answer is, it was ON the bed. We were on the floor. We were using the bed as a playing surface.
Amanda said…
Hilarious! This was a laugh out loud, gasping air type of laugh. Good show. I can just picture poor Barbie on fire and your sweet grandmother (both of mine had similar hairdos). The question is...will all of us women regress to the Old Lady Do? Short hair with permed curls. I cringe at the thought.

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