Mouse Tip of the Day

While at Asbury, I learned a few things about rats. Basically, they're neophobic, crafty and supposedly like peanut butter. But, I learned something recently that may be helpful in catching an innocent little mousey running around your housey. I've developed the perfect bait cocktail to nearly guarantee the catch of this unwanted critter. Critter Control suggests using peanut butter to bait the trap, but with the Asbury Rat Endemic of 2005, we found this seldom worked. I knew that mice traditionally liked cheese, so figured, why not make a sticky cocktail of peanut butter AND cheese. Works like a charm. I won't go into the gory details!


Amanda said…
It's so funny when you add the year to things, makes it sound so official :).

We had a rat in the Kenyon House my senior year. It wasn't an epidemic per se - my roommates found it in the stove whilst cleaning it out, burnt to a crisp (literally).

We did, however, have the Asbury Flea Epidemic of 2001 (fall variety). It was horrible! Apparently, the magic cocktail to entice them was my blood. Yuck! I'm cringing just thinking about it.
Jay said…
Oh gosh. I guess technically fleas aren't as gross as rats, but creepy that they liked your blood. All vermin are nasty I suppose.

And yes, adding the year to things does make it sound like a significant national event--mark your calendars!

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