Little Kid Tip of the Day

If your little kid neighbor attempts to pull you over when you pull into your driveway, and pretends to arrest you and tell you to go to jail, you don't really have to go. He's not really an officer of the law. But if you do want to play along, tell him you first get to make your one phone call. That'll give you enough time to get inside and he'll think you're playing along.


Amanda said…
The children in your neighborhood are street urchins. They ride their bikes in front of and behind my car. I was really scared I was going to hit one of them. They have zero fear of the big car that could kill them.
Jay said…
I know it. And their parents are the kind of people that would know that their kids shouldn't be riding in the road, and would still try to sue your a$$ off if you did hit them. I think I'll start parking on John Sutherland and walking.
Amanda said…
True. I think there were adults outside when I was there - they just kinda looked at me like, "What do you think you're doing driving in the street?" My parents would have told me to get out of the street. And if they weren't outside, where the heck were they?!? Their kids are playing in the street. Parents these days!
Pete said…
Great Tip!

What do you do if you co-worker pretends to be detained by Capital Hill Police?
CGrim said…
There is no shame in being detained by the Capitol Police.

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