Save Moo-lah Tip of the Day, Part 3

9. Refill and Reuse Cups
"Many of us get take our coffee in the morning and were using plastic and cardboard cups," said Plenty Magazine Managing Editor Deb Snoonian. "Bring your own mug. You can leave one at work; you can even often times bring a reusable mug as you're commuting in your car. It can be refilled over and over again. Wash it at home it's a nice habit to get into that saves you one cup a day (Ah Ms. Snoonian, I've missed you since last week. What would I do without your wisdom in my life?).

10. Pay Your Bills Online
It's not only quicker and easier to pay by computer, it also puts a major dent in the paper waste pile.

11. Become Battery Smart
Stretch your battery use. A battery too drained to power a flashlight might be perfect to operate your TV remote. Before you pitch it - switch it!

12. Car Air Conditioning
It's practically standard on modern cars. Use it wisely. At higher speeds, open windows create drag and lower your mileage. Roll them up and use the air and recirculation. At slower speeds and around town, roll down your windows and catch a cool breeze.

13. Drive Thru
Avoid the drive thru. Instead of idling in line with your engine running for several minutes, save the gas by parking and going inside for your order.

14. B.Y.O.B.
Bring Your Own Bag. Some grocery stores give you cash toward your next purchase for every bag you bring in to use again. It saves them and you money. "In the U.S., we use five hundred billion plastic bags every single year and only three percent of those get recycled," said Deb Snoonian, Managing Editor of Plenty Magazine. "You can also buy permanent bags with designer colors." (It never even occurred to me to grab from the pile of plastic Wal-mart bags before I headed back to said store. Although I’m a little nervous about the look the cashier is going to give me when I tell her I’ve brought my own.)


CGrim said…
Wow, that is absolutely NOT what I expected someone named "Deb Snoonian" to look like.
Anonymous said…
Ah yes I rememeber that film. Anyone rememeber where Pat said her password was in the English dictionary and this guy heard it then he gets a dictionary out and starts entering passwords alphabetically and the password turns out to be zygote?

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