Save Gas, Burn more Jetfuel Tip of the Day

There's a new airline called Skybus operating out of Columbus, Ohio that is positioning itself to offer ridiculously cheap flights.

Columbus to Seattle? $75
Columbus to Los Angeles? $100
Columbus to Boston? Freaking $10!

They are also running a current special where the first ten seats sold on any flight will be only $10 - regardless of the destination.

Okay, you might notice a pattern - for the time being (until they expand), you have to fly in or out of Columbus. A little inconvenient perhaps, but we're just close enough to make it worthwhile.

How do they offer flights so cheap? By cutting back on a lot of luxuries we take for granted. Flight times are somewhat limited at this point. Checked bags cost extra ($5 each for the first two bags). Pretzels and mini-Sprites cost extra. Tickets are nonrefundable. There is no first class.

But there are some positives, too (besides the ridunk cheap prices). For example, they fly in and out of secondary airports, avoiding the crowds and delays that are common with the big airports. The seats are leather. They fly orange planes. Also, their website is pretty amusing.


Pete said…
I read their rules of flying, if I ever fly them I am so bringing enough snacks for everyone.
Jules said…
ooh! ooh! i want to fly with peter!

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