Christmas Tip of the Day

People who start shopping now for Christmas are not just Christmas-obsessed shopaholics who buy too much, like your Aunt Hilda. The smart start early too. Here’s a few benefits to this.

First of all, it spreads the cost of the holidays out over several months, instead of all at once.

Secondly, it gives you the chance to scope out more sales and bargains in two distinct ways.

Way 1: You may know exactly what you want to buy someone, but if you wait until December, that item may never be on sale. As of now, you have three whole months to keep your eye on that item for any sales.

Way 2: You have no idea what to get someone. When you see a sale or clearance rack/table, stop by for 5 minutes with your friends and family in mind. See where inspiration takes you.

Finally, if you start thinking about Christmas now, and you have the great idea to MAKE your gifts, you actually still have time to do it! No need to stay up until the wee hours in December trying to finish knitting Aunt Hilda’s scarf.

Remember to keep a list, not unlike Santa’s, and when you buy someone a gift, cross them off. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the buying once you’ve started. Hang on to all receipts until the holidays have passed. That way if you find something in November that you HAVE to get, you should still be able to take back the gift you purchased for that person in September.


Amanda said…
Good point Jules! You have to get a jumpstart on certain people too. My parents tend to buy whatever I was thinking of getting them. Last year, I wanted to get them a tea pot. In November, they came home with three. So this year, I bought them tickets to a show which they have already received. If I had waited much longer, they would have already gotten those too.

Bonus tip: If you are someone who has everything, don't buy anything for yourself in October-December. It just makes it harder for your friends and family.
Pete said…
Amanda you are so right about your bonus tip. I have made it standard policy not to buy anything in the month before my birthday or anytime near Christmas
Jay said…
I want an Aunt Hilda.

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