London Tip of the Day Part 8

Booking things in advance...
Generally, booking things in advance is a good idea. You typically get better prices, better seating, etc...But, when you book a tour in advance, you pay the same price and you run the risk of losing that money if you have to cancel. Usually, in the states, if someone gets sick, you can get a refund if you are reasonable about it and cancel before hand. Unfortunately, customer service is a little lacking here. We called to cancel a tour, first of all they asked why they didn't get more notice. Their line was busy all morning. They also didn't get more notice because I'd just gotten sick. They told us the best they could do was 50% back, but as soon as we let them know that wasn't good enough, they sent us to expedia, who we booked through. Of course the best they could do was a $25 gift certificate! No go on that. So, lesson learned, if it's not a hotel room, a play, or a movie, I'm not booking in advance! Besides, since I've gotten here, I've discovered other tours that I'd like to do just as well, such as the "Jack the Ripper" tour!


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