Scotland Tip of the Day 5

A Scotsman will always correct you when you tell them "I speak the same language as you", or "You speak English here"! Why? Because Scotland very much wants to be independent, so what language will they say they speak? Scottish! They do have some different words to be sure...
A besom is a difficult woman, a birl is a spin, bonnie is beautiful, a dunt is a bump, and rather than saying highway robbery, they'd say daylight robbery. And of course, a Loch is a lake, such as Loch Ness, Loch Lochy (or Lake Lakey), and Loch Lamond, and a glen is a valley. While some of these terms come from the Gaelic, most of them are just the English word with a Scottish accent. They are overall, pretty easy to understand. One interesting thing is that once you officially cross over to the Highlands, not just the geographic highlands, all the signs have both Gaelic and English writing on it because Gaelic is an official language of the Highlands. The picture is Loch Lamond in the Highlands.


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