London Tip of the Day Part 10

Flying out of London...
Sure, it's easy to get in. That 2 hour time you have to show up at the airport at most airports, not entirely necessary. But in London...they mean business! There, when RyanAir says one bag for carry on, they mean it! I had a purse and a lap top, and they made me put my purse in the laptop bag to pass through security! Luci's bag weighed 10.3 kilos, and they made her adjust it to be less than 10! She'd gotten to London with a backpack and a suitcase both as carry-ons, but as we went back, not only did she have to take stuff out of the suitcase, but she had to pay an extra fee to check her bag.
Here's a tip though, they had her mark it as fragile so it would get put up at the front of the plane! Apparently, you can request that.
Because she'd gotten stopped at the security gate and sent back to check her bag, they shuffled her to the front. But I was still in line! We'd gotten there two hours early and finally made it to the gate when the plane was boarding! We were delayed about 10 minute taking off to unload the luggage for 12 passengers who had not made it through security on time! And, they close the check-in counter 40 minutes before boarding, so you know they were on time!

And, as this is the tip at the airport going home, yes, it's the last London tip. I know you're all so sad about that. But, I'll keep taking trips to random places so I can contribute to the wonderful tip of the day! My research is all for you! Next stop, Scotland!


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