Free Tip of the Day

We interupt our regularly scheduled London tip for this important announcement.

You can't even believe it, unless you first saw it on Facebook, but TODAY, at the University of Kentucky campus Chipotle, you get a FREE burrito! It's all day long! (Well, from 11:00 to 10:00). The best part is, there's no gimmicks, nothing to pay for, no dressing up as a burrito or any other crazy nonsense. Just show up, and eat in glory.

NOTE: This is only going on at the UK campus Chipotle, don't go to the Mt. Tabor or Hamburg locations thinking it's going on there too.

Thanks Jay & Facebook


Kris said…
Oh yes. This is an annual event. Last year a number of my cross country runners ran there as burritos after practice when it was going on!
And have no fear, as London tips may end with 10, Scotland tips are yet to come!
JCo said…
Note: The tip might say tomorrow, but it IS actually today - Tuesday, as you read this Chipotle is handing out free burritos!
Pete said…
Thanks for the correction JCo, and sorry to everyone else about the mistake, I still hope you got your free burrito in.

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