Homepage Tip of the Day

So everyday when you sit down at your computer, there may be a few web sites that you always visit. They have just become part of your daily ritual. May be you have them organized under your bookmarks, but sometimes what you really are looking for is buried under lots of links. Depending and your usage there may be a better solution. Check out Only2Clicks, that service gives you some big ol icons of the sites you visit often. Set it as your homepage and as soon as you launch your browser you're just a click or two away from your most used sites. Maybe even more accurately, you don't need to go to those websites you just need the information off of them. Such as sports scores, stocks, headlines and the weather. Try iGoogle, I use this service and has enough customization for most uses. If you really want to go all out, and need data from a wider range of sites try Netvibes. Happy Browsing~


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