Flatulence Tip of the Day II

If you read our dog flatulence tip from yesterday, you probably were thinking, "what about me? What if I suffer from flatulence?" Well, turns out our friends at Flat-D have a few products for you. Introducing the Reusable Flatulence Deodorizer. Tape this thing on your panties just over your buttocks and let it work its magic!

This is a case where truth is stranger than fiction:

"When intestinal gas is expelled through the flatulence filter pad, it absorbs the gas odor normally associated with the malodorous gassy discharge or flatus. Those with digestive disorders...will regain confidence, end embarrassment, live life again, and enjoy freedom with this inconspicuous pad. No more smelly episodes, horrible flatulance odors, with these pads that are placed in your undergarment."


MikeD in LA said…
The really important thing to ask is: Does it work as a sound muffler as well. Let's face it, the oder may be more offensive, but the noise is what's going to implicate you as the flatulator.
Jay said…
Good call, Mike. Especially when you have a dog, you can always blame it on the dog. That is, unless he's wearing his "Flatulence Guard" as well... Then, you're just screwed.
Unknown said…
Although its not instant relief, a skilled person can turn something that would be loud into something silent.

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