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Friday, December 30, 2005

Insurance Company Tip

When dealing with insurance companies, specifically home owner’s insurance, but I imagine this would apply to any type of insurance company, you must be a PITA (pain in the #@$.) Call them often with sternness in your voice, be borderline demanding, do your research, know what you want before you make the call and once you get someone of importance on the phone in a position of authority that can make decisions about your claim, don’t get off the phone until you have answers.

I am convinced if you have the guts to stand to up the insurance companies they give you what you have been paying them to cover, but if you allow them to put you on the back burner, oh they will and hope you settle for less than you are entitled. So my friends, stand your ground, demand what you rightly deserve and get action from insurance agents!


Blogger Pete said...

Now some people like, ehm, Jay, have had problems with be accused of being "mean"

30 December, 2005 00:10

Blogger Kris said...

The same is true for getting your college loans paid off, or getting a free pizza when they've given you a medium even though you ordered and paid for a large...

30 December, 2005 01:03

Blogger Amanda said...

Same is true for airlines. A guy and I were on the same flight that was canceled, forcing us to wait eight hours during the day in Chile. While I spent the day trying to get my tickets right and make the Santiago airport interesting, he had a hotel in the area and hung out downtown. He told me that those who complain, get what they want.

30 December, 2005 09:14

Blogger Pete said...

That's a sad truth Amanda. When working for Universal Studio's Theme parks in Orlando, I heard a story about a family who complained about getting wet on a water ride so much that they were given new clothes.

So folks, use it, don't abuse it!

30 December, 2005 22:52

Blogger seeMohr said...

Having been an independent insurance agent for nearly 5 years, I feel your pain. Health insurance companies are the worst; they won't even let me ask questions on my clients' behalf unless they have a signed privacy information release form. Mostly though, you just need to find the right company. The biggest ones are usually the worst ones (State Farm, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, etc.). Try to find the medium size companies with good ratings (B+ or better). Insurance is good; sorry the industry makes itself despised.

01 January, 2006 11:49


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