Words Not to Call Women III



Amanda said…
Are these actually words that people say to women?
Jay said…
You had to ask that on THIS one. This word comes from first-hand experience. But I can explain myself. I'm with my sister in the ocean. This larger woman is also in the ocean, but about 100 yards out from us (deeper). She reaches a sandbar, and though she's out deeper than us, the water only comes up to her ankles. We're up to our necks and closer to the shoreline. So, I say to my sister, "she looks like a beast" and my sister says, "don't ever use the word 'beast' to refer to a woman." Lesson learned. Thanks Erica!
Anonymous said…
I bet it would be appropriate if she was roaring like Godzilla, though, and shooting radiation from her eyes.
JCo said…
Now is she roaring like Godzilla and shooting radiation from here eyes while hanging out on a sandbar? Because that would be LLOL if there is such a thing.

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