Blade Tip of the Day

If you need to replace your wipers (because what you attempted in the previous tip didn't work) don't buy them until you've successfully read this tip. You see, in an attempt to scam the general public, auto manufactures have attempted to dupe those who know little about cars. In actuality, wipers consist of essentially two parts. The wiper itself, and the wiper blade. The wiper is the entire mechanism that attaches to the wiper motor. The blade is simply a $2 piece of rubber that slides in. Most times, it's the insert that goes bad. So, before you rush out to buy an $18 set of wiper blades, try replacing the blade inserts first. And when you go to Wal-Mart, use their computer to enter in your car's make/model/year to find the correct part. Tell 'em Jay sent ya.


Amanda said…
As I was on a cross country trip to South Texas, my windshield wiper decided to go haywire. A piece flew off, then the whole rubber wiper fell off. So, all that was left was the metal arm and let me tell you, that doesn't move much water. Of course it is starting to rain cats and dogs. So, we pull off and find an AutoStop. Thankfully, they had what we needed and we were set for the rest of the trip. But, I think there was something wrong with the wiper cause I would have to replace the blades about once every six months.
Anonymous said…
Technically, you're supposed to replace the wiper blades/inserts every 6 months anyway, but lots places will replace the blades when you get an oil change (car dealerships almost always do, if you get your change there, and places like Midas or Jiffy Lube sometimes do, it depends on the location - check your old receipts). Thus, people think their blades are lasting forever, when they are really being changed every couple months under your very nose.

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