Women-Word Tips of the Week

This week the publishers of Pete & Jay's TodD bring you a delightful series: "Words Not to Call Girls." The following five tips will be simply one word apiece, each a word you should never use when referring to a woman. Now, you'll probably notice that it's perfectly acceptable, in fact, possibly complimentary, to use these words to refer to a man. But, the same sentiment is NOT portrayed to any woman. So erase these words from your feminine vernacular. You'll be glad you did. What does happen, we've noted, is that if you use one of these words to a woman, they will turn into the word you use. For example, try using Wednesday's word to a girl. She'll become one.

Words Not to Call Women I:


Words Not to Call Women II
Words Not to Call Women III
Words Not to Call Women IV
Words Not to Call Women V


vander said…
brute: of, relating to, or typical of lower animals as distinguished from humans, resembling an animal in quality, action or instinct, irrationally cruel, grossly sensual, wholly physical, and (bonus) the Latin word for "stupid".

Yeah, I'd avoid that one. Y tu?
Amanda said…
This is a great word tip. There are so many words that should never be used in reference to women. Another one is butch.
Jay said…
Oh, just you wait for the rest of the week :-)

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